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Sage P. Reingatch NYC, U.S.


Sage P. Reingatch NYC, U.S.

Искренне благодарю доктора Широкорада Валерия Ивановича, заведующего урологического отделения. Огромное спасибо вам, Валерий Иванович, за спасение моего отца, Попова Владимира Федоровича! Большое спасибо доктору Долгих Дмитрию Владимировичу, медсестре Маше, Веронике и Юле и всему дружному коллективу!

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart Dr Shirokorad Valerei Ivanovich for saving my father's life! Dear Dr Shirokorad, I am so grateful for your talent, knowledge and kind and warm care of my father Popov Vladimir Fedorovich! Thank you for successful surgery, as well as an emotional support through this difficult time for our family! I also would like to thank Dr Dolgih Dmitri Vladimirovich, and thank nurses Masha, Veronica and Yulia! We searched the globe for the best facility to have my father\'s surgery after he was diagnosed with cancer and found the best care in your hands. It is a shocking and painful time to go through something like this for anyone, and thank God for people like you, that safe lives and keep families together every day! Best wishes and a happy holiday season to all of you! 

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